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Skyreacher talisman

The “Key to Success” is the name for the Skyreacher talisman, which comes in the form of a Shaman star. It has the formula of the Qutlyh (Blessed) life inscripted on it. This talisman is not just a cool fashion statement. It is inspired by the Eternal Blue Heaven and it is charged with the spiritual powers of this belief. It can be used as a convenient tool for prayers to Tangri, Er-Sub, and the Ancestors. Keeping this talisman handy helps to uphold our higher values in life. 

The talisman has three columns with four lines of sacred words. Reading these words in lines or in columns may reveal important priorities for one’s life.

The Skyreacher talisman can also be used to gain extra powers and strength if used properly. The very shape of the talisman and words inscripted on it symbolize the Holy Trinity – Tangri, Er-Sub, and Ancestors. It calls for triple action when pursuing true happiness: in the name of Tangri, in the name of Er-Sub, and in the name of Ancestors. This means that when pursuing our higher goals in life, one has to plan and to fulfill three equally strong challenges to achieve success. When inspired to better actions, our chances of success greatly increase.

The Skyreacher talisman is provided as a gift to our supporters who contribute over $25 to the Skyreacher fund. Shipping outside the USA requires an international shipping charge. Please contact us by e-mail for details. 

Have Qutlyh - Blessed life!

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