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People do not live to serve ideas. Ideas exist to serve people, to help them achieve higher levels of spiritual harmony, happiness, and success.

We are the Skyreachers, and it is our intent to uncover that  truly magnificent faded glory, and that immensely powerful vision of timeless belief  -- in the Eternal Sky Heaven.

                                                                       By the will of the Eternal Sky Heaven...

     The ancient belief in Tangri comes to us from the depths of the Bronze Age and beyond. It is a truly monumental piece of human genius and philosophy.
     If perceived correctly, belief in Tangri represents a powerful vision for strong leaders rather than religion for simple followers.
     True Tangriism enriches our souls with both the endless freedom of human spirit and seamless harmony with the rest of the World. 

       Thousands of years ago, find-bride.com long before some modern beliefs even came into existence, the people of the ancient Altaic civilization believed in one God for all. The God was named Tangri, which meant - Living in the sky. Tangri was also named the Eternal Sky Heaven. Eternal - because God is ever existing. Sky or Blue – because God covers the entire Universe. Heaven – because God brings harmony and happiness to all people.
     Tangri is invincible, therefore no one can speak for God and no one can represent God directly. We can only attempt to obtain more knowledge about God.
     Those who successfully claim to have more knowledge about the divine rules of life are called Shamans. In the ancient Altaic language the word “Shaman” literally means “the one who knows”. Some Shamans are so successful that they create their own teachings that are called “Shamanisms”. On the one hand, Shamans and their teachings (religions) often unveil some of the true wisdoms of life. On the other hand, since God is invincible, any human knowledge of God will always be limited. Believers in Tangri always respect true Shamans (religious leaders) and their teachings (religions) for wisdoms they may carry. However, Tangri believers worship neither Shamans nor Religions, because no one in the material world can ever be perfect or absolute. Only Tangri is absolute! The only true message of God for all is life itself! 

                                         Who are Skyreachers?

     The Skyreachers are an open group of enthusiasts who cherish their ancient heritage. They are dedicated to upholding the true values of Tangriism by dusting off this ancient belief from the misrepresentations and false-Shamanistic dogmas, by learning its true values. Please visit our “Humar” page to learn more about our efforts. “Humar” means – divine inspiration. It is Tangrian way of praying.  

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Temple of Tangri project pursues the following objectives:

1) To maintain and to improve the quality and technical capacities of the virtual Temple of Tangri. 2) To fund research and publishing work related to uncovering the true values of the Tangrian belief. 3) To generate funds for the construction of a monument to honor the memory of our ancient ancestors who lived and died with the name of Tangri. 


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